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Reasons for Revision

On occasion, surgery must be performed to revise the results of previously performed surgery on the breasts. Fortunately, this is not common. Dr. Ennis often see patients who are unhappy with their results from an augmentation performed elsewhere and are often able to improve upon the previous results at their practice in Florida through breast augmentation revision surgery.

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Dr. Ennis frequently see patients who are sent to them for revision breast surgery from other physicians to evaluate their results following breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, and breast reduction. Each problem is specific to the primary procedure performed. Some of the more common problems following breast augmentation and reconstruction with breast implants in Florida are:

At Ennis Plastic Surgery in Florida, breast augmentation is our specialty. Make us your source for current, accurate information about breast implants. You can ask a doctorask a doctor online or ask a patientask a patient with actual experience with breast augmentation surgery.

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Reasons for Revision
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