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With saline breast implants, deflations occur when the integrity of the outer shell is ruptured. This will allow saline inside the implant to drain out and cause the breast to quickly lose its size and shape (this is sometimes called a "flat tire"). The liquid in a saline breast implant is similar to that which occurs naturally in the human body and thus is harmlessly absorbed. With today's modern cohesive gel silicone breast implants, if a rupture occurs the silicone has minimal mobility and will not "leak." With these newer cohesive gel implants, the only way to know if you have a rupture is with an MRI.

At Ennis Plastic Surgery in Florida, breast implant surgery is our specialty. Make us your source for current, accurate information about breast implants. You can ask a doctorask a doctor online or ask a patientask a patient with actual experience with breast augmentation surgery.

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What causes breast implants to rupture or fail?

The causes of breast implant failure can vary. In some instances, the problem occurs when the implants are filled above or below the manufacturer's recommended fill range. Other times, older textured saline implants can result in excessive wrinkling and premature wear, causing the implant to fail. Sometimes the implant itself may have a defect.

A deflated implant can be safely and successfully removed and replaced with new implants surgically. Typically, the same breast augmentation incision is used. Most women are able to change the size and type of their implants (saline or silicone breast implants) at the time of deflation, if so desired. Check with your doctor for additional costs that may apply for replacing breast implants.

It is important to note that deflation is highly unlikely, but is always a risk. Therefore, implant manufacturers usually offer a warranty regarding the implant. Check with your physician on the implants they use and research on the manufacturer's website their current warranty on breast implants.

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