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Size & Shape

Women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why breast implants do too. Women considering breast augmentation have many implant sizes and shapes available that can accommodate a variety of body types. Choosing the right breast implants can help to ensure your satisfaction with your breast augmentation procedure.

At Ennis Plastic Surgery in Florida, breast enlargement is our specialty. Make us your source for current, accurate information about breast implants. You can ask a doctorask a doctor online or ask a patientask a patient with actual experience with breast augmentation surgery.

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Implant Shape

Shape is an important decision when considering the best breast implants for you. Breast implants are available in 2 basic shapes – round and contoured (also called teardrop). Round breast implants are currently the most popular option for breast augmentation, but some women feel that teardrop breast implants are the right choice for their body type and breast enhancement goals.

Round Breast Implants

Round breast implants with a smooth surface are currently used for the majority of breast augmentations. They tend to create a fuller appearance in the upper portion of the breasts and more distinct cleavage when placed over the muscle. When placed under the muscle, round implants create a very natural shape.

Round breast implants come in a wide array of sizes for women with different body types. They are also available in different profiles, or the amount of projection from back to front. Most round implants have a smooth surface because they can rotate after placement without causing any change in appearance or distortion of the breast shape. However, they are available with a textured surface, as well. Smooth surface breast implants may be less likely to be felt through the skin and tissue, and tend to ripple less than textured implants.

The smooth, round, saline implant has been of the most popular implants for over 20 years – giving the breast a full, rounded look that adds greater dimension to the breast. The result is nice fullness at the top of the breast while maintaining the natural teardrop appearance.

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Vectra® 3-D imaging lets you preview potential results.

Contoured Breast Implants

Contoured breast implants are also known as "teardrop" shape because more of the volume is distributed to the lower portion of the implant. They were originally designed to be used for breast reconstruction, but are now used for cosmetic breast augmentation as well. Contoured implants were designed to create a natural slope to the breast shape and are a good choice for women with smaller breasts.

Contoured breast implants are available in many different sizes and varying profiles. Since these implants have a defined top and bottom, they are made with a textured surface to prevent the implant from being displaced or turning, which can distort the shape of the breast.

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Implant Profile

Implant profile refers to the amount of forward projection of the implant off the chest wall, in relation to the base width of the implant. Typically the profile is chosen based on numerous features of the breast and your desired cup size; and therefore, should be discussed with your surgeon to determine what would be best for you. A variety of profiles allow your doctor to achieve a better match between desired breast projection and your individual body frame.

  • Moderate Profile: Standard projection, with a wider base width
  • Moderate Plus Profile: A higher projection, with moderate base width
  • High Profile: Highest projection, with narrower base width

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Implant Size

Sometimes deciding on breast implant size can be the most difficult decision for a woman; however, there is typically a right size for each patient. The size should be determined based on the width of the implant rather than the volume. As an implant gets larger, the width becomes wider. The implants should be chosen based on the base width of the patient's breasts.

Patient underwent an implant exchange at Ennis Plastic Surgery to a larger (in essence a wider) implant. Patient underwent an implant exchange at Ennis Plastic Surgery to a larger (in essence a wider) implant.

This patient underwent a submuscular augmentation by an outside surgeon and the patient was unhappy with the large space between her breasts and the lack of cleavage as shown in the top row of photos. The patient subsequently underwent an implant exchange at Ennis Plastic Surgery to a larger (in essence a wider) implant. The bottom photos show how greatly the cleavage was improved by closing the distance between the breasts.

The base width of the implants should be discussed with your surgeon and may be altered by using a moderate, moderate plus, or high profile implant based on your desired end result. The higher the implant profile, the narrower the implant. It is important that the surgeon chooses the proper implant to ensure the optimal result and optimal cleavage. Many breast implant revisions are due to plastic surgeons who do not understand these relationships.

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Size and Shape
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